Vistas at Greenwood Hills, Wasau, WI

Giving Out Hay To Local Farmers

Jim Wanserski’s story here is local farmers are looking for hay to feed their animals due to the extreme heat and dry summer we had last year. Most farmers used all of their reserve hay last winter. The Vista’s hay will go to the Salzman family to feed their horses, goats, and young beef cattle. […]

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The Green Vistas roads are lined with Queen Anne's Lace plants

Monarch Butterflies at Vistas at Greenwood Hills

This is the first time in 11 years that I have not raised monarch butterflies! The scientists report that this is due to a combination of problems. The droughts in Texas, pesticides & loss of their habitats (milkweed plants) due to building & mowing habits . It is so sad because this is such a […]

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Summer is flying by quickly and nesting is in full swing at the Vistas at Greenwood Hills!

Come visit the Vistas at Greenwood Hills and pick out a “NEST” of your own!

July 17, 2013 — Summer is flying by quickly and nesting is in full swing at the Vistas at Greenwood Hills! Wood ducks have hatched and are enjoying their nests! Painted turtle nests have been sighted on the trails at the Vistas’ conservancy. A family is preparing to build a new “nest” on the 3rd […]

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Visit us here at the Vista’s at Greenwood Hills!

Enjoy the Blooming Wild Flowers at Vista’s at Greenwood Hills

Things are in full swing here at the Vista’s! Just wrapped up a very successful parade of homes tour at the spec home at 1809 Green vistas Dr. We’re very excited that Jim can finally groom the trails after our weather was so resistant to spring. The wild flowers are in bloom and beautiful – […]

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Vistas at Greenwood Hills in Wausau

May Day…May Day!

What was Mother Nature doing to my feathered friends? As a former flight attendant, I ‘d say they were in a holding pattern somewhere over warmer weather. However, all is well now…the bluebirds nesting boxes are busy and the mallards and wood ducks are building nests on the ponds in the conservancy (trails are open […]

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It’s April – no fooling!

Now it’s time to think blue… Blue skies, Virginia Bluebells and Eastern Bluebirds. The conservancy at the Vistas at Greenwood Hills (which is open to the public) has a huge patch of bluebells along the walking path that will come to life in a few weeks – breathtaking! Greenwood Hills Golf Course is a member […]

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