It’s April – no fooling!

March 20, 2013

Vistas at Greenwood Hills - Bluebirds

Now it’s time to think blue… Blue skies, Virginia Bluebells and Eastern Bluebirds.

The conservancy at the Vistas at Greenwood Hills (which is open to the public) has a huge patch of bluebells along the walking path that will come to life in a few weeks – breathtaking!

Greenwood Hills Golf Course is a member of the Audubon Society and specifically provides habitats for the bluebirds. The golf course, adjacent homes and the Vistas conservancy have many bluebird nesting boxes that are adopted by numerous people. They must clean out the boxes in the spring, discourage intruders and keep data on their nesting patterns. When they nest, how many eggs they lay, when the young fledge and if they nest again.

Linda will have a nesting box in her yard so watch for updates in the spring, summer and fall on these small wonders of nature.

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